Raising the Bar for Custom Manufacturing

The Job Shop Show

We talk with the owners, suppliers, partners and customers of custom manufacturers. Listen and learn the secrets of top performing Job Shops. The tools, techniques and backgrounds that have made them successful. All in the quest for raising the bar for Custom Manufacturing.




Quotes from the Show

We look at every project and each situation as its own unique challenge and we gather as much information and data as we can about the component or assembly or the project as a whole and we strategize a plan or path forward
— ali bahar, Mammoth Machine & Design
We use the best tooling out there and we apply it properly into the right cutting data and it makes a big difference in the bottom line of what a part will cost if the tool is run correctly because of the speed and the efficiency of the tool.
— Peter Samuelson, S&S Machine
We didn’t want to spend time building fixtures. We wanted to make parts and wanted to make them fast and that was one of the biggest and best decisions I ever made was going with a modular system for the whole shop.
— Damian Forsythe, Impact Manufacturing
If we can help them out in any way, we’ll offer our services or even turn them to another shop that we know might be able to help them better
— brian lemoine, Brian's Machine shop